Main Features.

ContentCrea brings several features that make your job easier than ever. Thanks to its UX design, you can manage the solution in less time than making a good expresso.

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Organization’s DNA

The organization that have to produce content marketing pieces can be considered as a personality whose identity and character traits must be defined.

From there it is possible to define a voice and the tones that can be used for the content.

Editorial guidelines are detailled so that each author can quickly read them before starting to work.

General Information

Organization's name
Misssion statement
Creation date
Annual revenues


By defining it, the content marketing strategist helps the team to stay close the organization's DNA to produce better content that fits it


Voice & Tones

Define your Voice and set the differents tones allowed



Set the editorial guidelines for the content marketers



Job position





Persona content

All the content marketing pieces assigned to the current persona

Behaviors & More

Desicion making
Message to be delivered
How to reach



Personas are a key part of your content marketing strategy.

By humanizing your target you gain a better understanding of their behaviors, patterns, needs and preferences. You can also create the best targeted content for your audience.

ContentCrea gives you the ability to create your Personas and to bring them to life.

Marketing Plans

Organize your content marketing activity with one or more marketing plans.

For each plan, set a name, a period, a mission statement and create the associated themes.

For each theme, define the expected goals and add your keywords.

You are almost ready now!

Plan's general information

Start & End dates
Mission statement



Theme title


Create as many themes as you want to develop in the marketing plan

Topic General Informations

Topic name
Type of content
Funnel stage


Topics management

Select a Plan
Select one of its themes
Start setting the topics


Activate the calendar view


Set topics for each theme

This is the last step: create the topics you want to be developed in each theme.

For each topic, set the content’s type, the targeted persona, the funnel stage, the content’s lenght, the author, the dates

Now the team can start working with all the information needed to stay focus on the marketing plan’s mission and the expected goals.

ContentCrea’s Editor

ContentCrea’s editor, sober and simple, delivers all the value you need to produce the best content marketing ever.

Thanks to its details panel, it allows you to have all the necessary information in front of you by simply hovering your mouse over icons. Two other panels are for the comments and for your keywords.

Once your work is done, you just have to send it to one of the editors for validation.

ContentCrea's Editor

The embeded editor is lightweight but it gives you only the needed features


The topic to work on


Final title of the topic


Details Panel

Theme name
Marketing plan's mission
Funnel stage
Editorial guidelines
Voice details


Send the work to validation


Features in action.

Others awesome features will come soon

We help you to make your job easier than ever