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Strategize Plan Create Drive & Optimize

A Content Marketing platform that helps you elaborate strategy & tactics, and produce editorial content your audience needs.


Because Content Marketing is not a matter of tips and tricks, you need a well-structured approach for more efficiency.

You need to

Document and share strategic information with your team

Company's profile, mission and purpose, editorial guidelines, voice and tones, personas to be targeted.

Organize your content marketing activity through plans

Define marketing plans, including mission, goals and themes to deal with. Find topics and assign a type, length, funnel stage, persona, author, delivery and publication dates, etc., to each of them.

Never lose sight of the strategy

When creating content, be sure to always keep in mind the key information of your strategy and tactics.


A platform designed for that purpose.

Our user-friendly tool helps you to gather all the information needed: organization’s DNA information, personas, team members, roles, plans, themes, topics, funnel stages, publication and delivery dates…

You can access all this information in one place through the embedded editor when creating content.

You want to be more efficient?
ContentCrea will take you there.


A Content Marketing tool that helps you elaborate strategy & tactics, and produce content your audience needs!

We help to reach their goals

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