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Chief Marketing Officer.

As CMO, it is fundamental to document your content marketing strategy and share it with your team so that everyone has a clear and precise understanding of what needs to be done.

To do that, you have to collect and organize a set of information and to structure action plans to be shared and followed over time.

ContentCrea brings together in a single point the information that is essential for the proper execution of your strategy. As CMO, you fill in information about the organization’s DNA, the voice and tones to be used, the target audience, and much more.

Then you set your marketing plan, with different themes and topics to be addressed. Those last two are associated with a Funnel stage, one of your Personas and a member of your team in charge of writing the content. The Calendar gives you an overview of the work and you can interact easily with your collaborators (internal or external).


Writing valuable content on a regular, if not daily, basis requires a good knowledge of the expectations of the target audience and a well thought-out production calendar.

By planning your content creation strategy for 3, 6 or 12 months, after having gathered the necessary information to execute your work, you will be able to easily produce valuable content.

ContentCrea is designed to help you think about your strategy and plan the follow-up actions. By filling in the essential information (voice, tones, personas, theme, keywords…) when creating your marketing plan, you will save time and be more efficiency during production, the embeded editor showing all the information at glance.

Content Marketers.

As content marketers, it is essential to have access to a set of information in order to quickly and efficiently produce the expected content assigned to you.

You need to know the voice and tones to use, the target audience for each piece of content, the topics to cover, the Funnel stage associated with each topic within a theme, the publication schedule… But it is also important to know the DNA of the organization you are working for in order to create the perfect fit.

ContentCrea gathers all this information and lets you consult it in the blink of an eye, from the integrated editor, so you can stay focused on the work to be done and the expected goals. You can also easily collaborate with the CMO through the commenting feature.

Marketing Agencies.

As a content marketing agency, you work with different clients and you need to know them well and share key information to produce valuable content for them.

By centralizing information (organization’s DNA, voice, tones, themes, topics, personas, keywords…) in a collaborative workspace, you can then structure the strategy, with your client, plan and track production more easily and efficiently than ever.

ContentCrea has been designed to gather all the information necessary for the success of your mission: from strategic thinking to the production and follow-up of your clients’ content marketing.


reasons to choose ContentCrea.

Whatever your function or job, our solution has been designed for you.

Global Approach

Global Approach

Strategize, plan, create, drive and optimize your content marketing activity in a Saas application so the stakeholders will have a full, up-to-date, easily accessible and shareable information.

Focused on Goals

Focused on Goals

Creating valuable content marketing pieces has never been easier because the information gathered and presented in an optimal way helps you to stay focused on your goals.



Our centralized application is going to help you capitalizing your contents in the long terms. You will be able to see how the evolution of your strategy and production impacts your business.

Easy to Use

Easy to Use

The solution has been designed for ease of use. No training is required. However, if you need assistance, or have questions, we will always be there to support you.

Future is Now

Future is Now

By combining your expertise with our solution, you are about to produce the best valuable content ever for your business. The current solution is a first step into an incredibly ambitious content marketing roadmap: awesome features are coming.

We help YOU to reach your goals!

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