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According to the last report of the
Content Marketing Institute


B2B Marketers have a documented strategy (only)


B2B Marketers think their organization might make content quality improvement a priority


B2B Marketers say their organization isn’t in a sophisticated/mature phase of content marketing maturity

Customers expect quality & personalized content now.

If creativity is an essential part of content creation, quality and personalization mainly come from a process.

You already have
a content marketing strategy?



Great job! So, just push the information in ContentCrea:

  • Organization's identity & personality
  • Voice, tones and editorial guidelines
  • Team's member & roles
  • Personas
  • Content plans: duration, mission statements, goals, themes and keywords
  • Topics associated to themes

Create topics in each themes and link them to one of your personas and a funnel stage. Assign the topics to members of your team an set a delivery date.

They can work within the embeded editor and stay focused: all needed information is accessible in a single spot.

Thanks to ContentCrea

you are now more efficient than ever to produce valuable pieces of content to your audience!
And this is just the beginning...


No worry at all! ContentCrea has been designed to help you think about it. Log in and follow these steps:

  • Fill in your Organization's profile
  • Invite the members of your team
  • Specify your first Persona: try to imagine whom you will talk to
  • Set your first content marketing plan: duration, mission statement, goal(s), and a general theme you want to focus on
  • Create specific topics related to that theme and link them to a persona and a funnel stage. Assign them to members of your team and set a delivery date

Whoa, you have set the basis of your strategy! Simple isn't it?

Thanks to ContentCrea

you have completed the first step and you are now able to deliver valuable content to your audience.
Take time to refine your strategy, test and learn.

Content Marketing activity requirements

Centralize the right information

Structure an efficient strategy

Share the vision & goals

Plan the actions

Stay focused on the targets

Write consistently

Collaborate with others

Maintain quality over time

Follow-up the production


reasons to choose ContentCrea.

Whatever your function or job is, our solution has been designed for you.

Global Approach

Global Approach

Strategize, plan, create, drive and optimize your content marketing activity in a Saas application to make sure the stakeholders have a complete, up-to-date, easily accessible and shareable information.

Focused on Goals

Focused on Goals

Creating valuable content marketing has never been easier: the information you need is right there, presented in an optimal way to help you stay focused on your goals.



Our centralized application will help you understand how your content performs in the long run. You will see how your strategy and production process impacts your business.

Easy to Use

Easy to Use

The solution has been designed for ease of use. No training is required. However, if you need assistance or training, we are here to help.

Future is Now

Future is Now

By combining your expertise with our solution, you will soon produce the best content for your business. Ever. The current solution is a first step into an incredibly ambitious roadmap: awesome features are coming.

We help YOU to reach your goals!

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